Coaching with Natalie

You’re here to do big things. I’m here to help.

"I want to work with you. How does it work?"

I know you’re here to accomplish a big mission, or change the world in some way, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page.  There are two ways to work with me- an ongoing coaching relationship, or a one-time laser-focused 90-minute deep dive.  Click here for info on one-time sessions.  In all of my 1:1 coaching sessions, you will get coaching, tools to help you tune into your intuition, action items, and direct messages to get clarity on what’s happening right now in your life.  For inquiries about ongoing coaching, contact me here.

“I’ve worked with a lot of life coaches over the years. Natalie has something that’s very unique. Anyone can go to school to be a coach, but Natalie has an indescribable essence that creates such a different dynamic.

I’ve had massive shifts – and the fact that she can do this work over video and STILL have these results–  her work is on a completely different level.”

-Stephanie A.

“That session was so incredible and exactly what I needed. So so so grateful for you!! Like blown away and beyond grateful for that gift.”

“I wanted to thank you for our session last Friday – it has been a game changer in such a profound way…” – Carrie S.

“Natalie is an incredibly talented energy translator.  During my session she immediately tapped into what was occurring in my life, and spoke in a way that I connect to (as she’s able to discern how to best communicate to each person!).  Natalie provided clear and concise information related to what action steps I should take next for my business. Overall, I came out of our session with a renewed invigoration for my business and soul’s vision!” – Maura M.

“I’m still in awe of the session I had with Natalie last week. I’ve never felt so seen, understood and supported during a coaching call. The few days after our call I felt more clear, my intuition was stronger, and I’ve been able to connect  at a deeper level.  It’s amazing what 90 minutes with her did for me!”

– Amanda B.

“After our session yesterday I received a lot of downloads and clarity! It’s like I’ve lived at least one lifetime since then! Thank you so much!” 

“Just wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful session yesterday. I am a brand new woman and the energy is so different.  Really grateful for you!” 

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! What an amazing session. I am seriously still reeling from the depth and impact of that session.  Thank you.” -B.T.

“I want to simply say- you’re incredibly gifted and I valued our session so much!  One of the best readings I’ve ever received.”  – C.B.

“Thank you so much for today’s session! Received everything I was meant to. Thank you for being the bridge and holding the space for me.” 

“So many things still coming in and landing, I’m so grateful for your gift. Thank you, thank you.” 

“I saw massive results in just the first two weeks of working with Natalie. I felt stronger, and like my energy was more streamlined than ever before.  Now, after 2 and a half months, I am feeling consistently motivated, clear, powerful and connected.  Thank you Natalie!”

-M.G., Corporate Director of Operations

"What are your certifications?"

I’ve been studying the process of human transformation for almost a decade.  In addition to my extensive knowledge of the transformational process and energy translation, I am also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

To book a one-time session, click here.

For inquiries about ongoing coaching, contact me here.

“Coaching with Natalie has been a GAME – CHANGER for me.  It’s amazing how many tools I’ve gotten from this.  I am constantly taking things and applying them.  It’s helped me with so many other things too.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated everything we’ve worked on together over the last 3 months!

-Ryann M.

I am speechless right now. My session with Natalie was so incredible. It filled in some last pieces of the puzzle in my life that I have not been able to figure out. I would have literally paid ANYTHING for a session like that!

-Sarah Kay Hoffman, writer & wellness expert

A Confidential Conversation Like no Other

“Coaching with Natalie can only be described as extreme enlightenment. From Natalie’s welcoming demeanor to the calming energy, it’s as if all of the pieces have come together for you to break through everything that has been weighing you down.  It feels safe, it feels on purpose, and it just … feels.” – Emily K.

Stepping into Next Level Leadership

“Every Leader deserves a coach. I’m so grateful for mine. Natalie shines a light on even the parts I didn’t know were ready to be seen. Thank you for inviting me into true leadership, for loving me through the process, and for giving me no option but to own my bigness!” – Makenzie M.

Busting Through Invisible Barriers With Ease

“Throughout my year of working with Natalie, I have become the real Megan again, the girl I thought I once lost.  I am so proud and confident in saying that working with Natalie has saved my life. She helped give me my life back when I didn’t think it was even possible!  I couldn’t have done the work without her!”  – Megan B.

Thank you again for our sessions and phone calls. Your energy and guidance is unlike any other and makes the most sense to me – which I really value. You have such a gift that everyone needs to come across! I feel lucky to know you in this life.

-Dallas G., Real Estate Agent & Business Owner

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