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“You have truly made a huge difference in this organization, in the way we operate, and in bringing us together.

I feel so connected to my team, more than ever, and I know that a huge part of that is because of you and the way you invited us into a new level of leadership and power.

-Makenzie Marzluff, CEO & Founder


You’re doing good in the world. Keep growing.

Fast-growing Businesses Can Feel Unstable

The energy of your team is the foundation of your company.

Help your company and employees grow and thrive from the inside out.

Natalie’s training has been a GAME-CHANGER for me! It’s amazing how many amazing tools I’ve gotten from this. I am consistently taking things she taught us, and applying them. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this training!”

-Ryan, Operations & Logistics Manager


A huge THANK YOU from our team for this training! I can’t tell you how much talk around “levels of energy” have been happening today!  And I personally loved the compassion training. l know they will all be using this a lot in their lives.”

-John H., General Manager


Strength and Growth Through Energy Leadership Coaching

I know you’re out there changing the game, and that you want to have a conscious company that grows.

In order to do that, you need stability and strength in the foundation of your business: your employees.

The problem is most leadership coaching programs focus on developing employees from a systems and metrics-only focus. As the leader of a fast-growing, conscious business, this approach can make you feel like there is something missing. You know that the energy, communication and stability of your team is what needs training and development.


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I believe that conscious companies are doing good in the world and their stable growth is a benefit to everyone.

We all benefit from the growth and prosperity of companies like yours which is why I became a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Corporate Coach. I have spent over 14 years as a professional speaker and have worked with leaders like you to help create a culture of positive growth in your teams.

I work by invitation only with heart-centered, conscious companies. 

It is important that we are an energetic fit so that you can get the most out of the programs I offer.

Here are the steps to apply for my program:

1. Request an invitation

2. Talk with Natalie

3. Raise the vibration of your company!

Request an invitation and let’s find out if we are a good fit to work together.

Let’s ensure stable, positive growth for your company though leadership training and development for your key employees.

You are doing good work.

Stop worrying about instability in your fast-growing business, and instead feel grounded in the knowledge that your company has a strong human foundation that will allow you to continue to serve your market well as you grow.

“I am speechless right now. My debrief with Natalie was so incredible. It filled in some of the last pieces of my life that I have not been able to figure out. I would have literally paid anything for a session like that.”

-Sarah Kay Hoffman, Employee

“Natalie’s training has been a game-changer for me and my company. I now think about my energy levels on a daily basis.”

- CEO & Owner, Beauty Industry

“My assessment results and debrief with Natalie were amazing. She helped me see my life and leadership style with new awareness.  Something so big shifted;  this will have an outstanding positive impact on my life.

- Owner & Executive Director, Montessori School

“I saw massive results in just the first two weeks of working with Natalie. I felt stronger, and like my energy was more streamlined than ever before.  Now, after 2 and a half months, I am feeling consistently motivated, clear, powerful, and connected.  Thank you Natalie!”

-M.G., Corporate Director of Operations


What Type of Company is Drawn to Energy Coaching with Natalie?

  • Companies who understand that every aspect of their business is felt by the consumer


  • Companies who are on the leading edge of their industry



  • Companies who promote positive energy and strong leadership



  • Companies that support the multi-dimensional aspects of each employee 



1. Request an Invitation


2. Talk with Natalie

3. Raise the Vibration of your Company and Grow


Natalie works by invitation only with conscious companies.

Tell her more about your business to find out if there is a fit!


Get Energy Leadership Coaching

Working with Natalie is a unique addition to your training and leadership development.

The results you get will streamline internal and external communication, and increase the output of your employees so you can feel confident in the growth of your company and the impact you will have on the world.

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