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 What others are saying…

My sweet friend @simplynicoleashley turned me onto your Worldchanger podcast and I just wanted to say thank you. Great content. Spot on for this yoga teacher, movement specialist, energy intuitive and reiki master. We need good solid, uplifting online content now more than ever. Keep shining. You’re Amazing and gifted and I am grateful.”

Natalie, this is DEAD ON. I’m living in Switzerland right now and the situation here is ver bad. Just befor the weekend I was paralyzed with fear. I mean truly. Like you said: frozen. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that level of crippling fear before. But I am lucky enough to have access to a very powerful healer (@boundlessbeings) and an extremely wise family, and ever since I got my energy going (also totally started to instinctively drink more water) those around me in quarantine started opening up as well. This message is so important. Thank you for sharing it!!”

Thank you for all the sharing and holding powerful space on this call! So many epic nuggets of wisdom that came through! Natalie have I mentioned how freaking GRATEFUL I am for you?!!! Thanks for listening to your inner guidance and creating this amazing group of Worldchangers!!!

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"What are your certifications?"

I’ve been studying the process of human transformation for almost a decade.  In addition to my extensive knowledge of the transformational process and energy translation, I am also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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“Natalie Ehmka is probably one of the most powerful people I’ve experienced in my life recently. She truly is a master with a message, and a true conduit for the Divine.” 

– Princeton C.

Thank you so much for your guidance today. It really opened my eyes to something I have not allowed myself to see. You are making enormous impact on my life.

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